Proud to be Endorsed by the Following Organizations:

San Antonio Professional Firefighters

"The San Antonio Professional Firefighters have, after endorsed Manuel Medina for the mayor of San Antonio.  As we listened to Manuel Medina speak we heard time and time again his desire to cut the wasteful spending we have opposed for years, plus an unwavering support of firefighters." 

San Antonio Progressive Alliance


SAPA is a coalition of concerned citizens, grassroots activists, leftists, and progressive groups that believes the majority of the hard-working people of San Antonio deserve to have a city that represents all people – not just the wealthy and affluent. 

The V.O.I.C.E.S. of our Veterans

The Purpose of the V.O.I.C.E.S. of Our Veterans is to hold our Local, State and other elected officials and the Federal Government accountable to our American Veterans. 

Bexar County Tejano Democrats


Tejano Democrats is the largest Hispanic Democratic organization in the state. The purpose of this organization is to seek full representation of Hispanics at all levels and in all activities of the Democratic Party. 

Bexar County Young Democrats

Bexar County Young Democrats are the voice and network for Democrats across Bexar County - both young and young at heart!

North  East Bexar County Democrats

The North East Bexar County Democrats (NEBCD) is a political club that promotes the activities and issues of the Democratic Party with emphasis on North East Bexar County.

Other Organizations:

Strong Women for Democracy

NorthSide Coalition of Women

African American Political Alliance

2nd Chance Democrats