Manuel Medina is the People's Mayor

Fighting Corruption and helping people

  • Independent Leadership, Fighting for San Antonio Values

  • Vision “S.A. Today,” Focused on Solutions for TODAY

  • Voice for Fiscal Responsibility, Accountable to Tax Payers

“I will unite Democrats and Republicans and challenge the corrupt political culture at City Hall.  Together, we represent Independent Leadership.  Together, we represent Transparent Leadership.  Together, we will find solutions to problems that have plagued our City far too long:  Generational Poverty on the Westside, Institutional Violence on the Eastside, Nightmare Traffic on the Northside, and Neglected Infrastructure on the Southside."  – Manuel Medina


About Medina

successful businessman / committed family man / man of faith  

He is financially independent of special interests at City Hall and his vision “SA Today” challenges elected officials to focus on problems facing the 1.5 million people living in San Antonio TODAY such as generational poverty, neighborhood violence, traffic nightmares, and neglected infrastructure.  In 2012, he was elected Chairman of the Bexar County Democratic Party and re-elected in 2014 and 2016.


Medina was born on the Southside (a little further south than most), in a place called Torreón, México. At the age of three, he and his mother crossed the Rio Grande into McAllen, Texas.  They travelled to San Antonio, later moved to El Paso, and then to Los Angeles, California.  

Growing up, Medina was motivated to succeed by his mother’s work ethic and her drive to provide.  She continues to be the most inspirational person in his life today. 

Interests in math and science led Medina to attend the University of Southern California and graduate with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Electrical Engineering.  To finance his education, he worked on the University’s basketball team, the Trojans, all four years of undergraduate studies.

In 1993, he was accepted and enrolled in the University of Texas at Austin's Graduate Engineering School.  He later graduated with a Master of Science in Electrical Engineering and a Minor in Engineering Entrepreneurship.  He was elected President of the Graduate Engineering Council and was a candidate for UT Student Body President in 1995.  That was the beginning of his participation in electoral politics.

In 1996, Medina returned to San Antonio and helped elect United States Congressman Ciro Rodriguez.  His success at electing local, state and federal candidates led him to form Professional Campaign Services, a political consulting and public relations firm.  His client list today consists of candidates throughout Latin America.  

In 2006, Medina merged his love for engineering and his passion for politics into a successful call center business MEDINA Call Center Technologies.  What began with five phone bankers making political calls, evolved into a 500-station operation that manages inbound/outbound customer service calls.

Since 2011, Medina has invested in rental properties throughout San Antonio.  These local investments are his principal source of income today.

Chairman Medina has been blessed to live his “American Dream.” Therefore, he decided to make a difference for the next generation of Americans and filed to run for the office of Bexar County Democratic Party Chair.  Never the political insider, he ran an uphill battle against the Party’s entrenched special interests.   He ultimately succeeded by standing firm for the rights of working families, the fight for social justice and a commitment to San Antonio values. 

In 2016, Medina led local Democrats to victory winning more elections than ever.  Looking towards the future, and in the best interests of our City, he is ready to find common ground with the President of the United States.

Manuel and his wife Janeth Soto Ayoub live in the Dominion Estates on the Northside of San Antonio with their two daughters Michelle Marie and Sara Sophia.  In December they celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary.

Chairman Medina formally announced his candidacy for Mayor on January 14th.  At his Announcement, he emphasized that San Antonio needs a Mayor independent of special interests, focused on today’s needs, and ready to fight for San Antonio values.


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