Independent Leadership

As Mayor, I will be accountable to You - the Taxpayers, Not the City Manager, Not the Paid Lobbyists, Not the Political Insiders.

I Am Politically And Financially Independent.  In Contrast, Ivy will Raise $1 Million from Special Interests to Fund Her Campaign.  Thus, She Will Owe $1 Million “Plus Intererst” in Special Favors.

She Epitimizes the “Pay-To-Play” Culture at City Hall, That is Best Described As:

                    Candidates Get Their Contributions

                    Special Interests Get Their Special Favors

                    And, Tax Payers Get Stuck With The Bill

Taxpayers Can Trust Me to Hold the Line On Taxes because I Am Not Beholden to Donors and Their Pet Projects.

Taxpayers Can Trust Me to Question Every Single SAWS and CPS Rate Increase because We’re Already Paying Too Many Six Figure Salaries at City Hall

And, Taxpayers Can Trust Me to Fight Back When Power Brokers, Democrats and Republicans Stack the Deck Against Working Families in San Antonio.

Together, We Represent Independent Leadership.

Together, We Represent Transparent Leadership.

Together, We Represeent A New Era of Local Government Accountable To The People, For The People!