Public Trust & Transparency

The problem

Establishment figures on both sides of the aisle stack the deck against you and me.  And the result, City Contracts and Board Appointments are awarded to donors and special interest groups.

It is a fact that well-financed and well-connected lobbyists have year-round access to elected officials and City staff while it is a shame that community-based organizations and dependent agencies are subject to City imposed blackout periods. 

Proposed Solutions

1.    Public Financing of Campaigns, End Pay-to-Play at City Hall

2.    Elected Ethics Watchdog, Independent of the City Manager

3.    Ethics Review Board with the authority to file Public Corruption Charges

4.    Board and Committee Appointment Reforms to address Conflict of Interests

5.    Revolving Door Ordinance to limit the influence of Lobbyists and Special Interest Groups

6.    Complete Reform of the COSA Procurement to Level Playing Field

7.    Enforcement of Black Out Period, to ban companies from contributing while bidding for contracts.


Yes, I will challenge the status quo at City Hall to follow our City’s code of ethics, and if they don’t, I will call them out.