Transportation Solutions

I will be the “Transportation Mayor.”  I will get to work immediately, and, in the first five months, we will:

  1. Improve drive times by 10% in SA’s top 50 corridors.  We will get you out of your car and into your home, so you can spend more time with your family.
  2. Increase VIA funding.  Expand routes and frequency so we can boost bus ridership.  No money for this project will come from dedicated funds meant for streets and sidewalks.
  3. Yes, we will take a leadership role on building a fast track train from San Antonio to Austin, and then, we will build one from San Antonio to Monterrey.
  4. On a more mid and long term basis, I will not support toll roads on public highways; but I will not get in the way of toll roads on privately financed highways.
  5. I’ll work with our local delegations at the state and national levels to continue funding the expansion of I-35, I-10, Loop 410 and Loop 1604.
  6. The concept of HOV lanes is good, but has not worked elsewhere and it will not work in Texas.  We need more open lanes.
  7. Complete Streets, where it makes sense.  Goal is to increase sidewalks and bike lanes by 10%.