Vision for SA Today

As your Mayor, Medina will focus on our City TODAY.  

There is a valid concern in the community that Ivy Taylor is out of touch.  She only talks about the 1 million people coming to San Antonio in the next 25 years.  She spends her time planning for their needs.  Well, how about the 1.5 million living in San Antonio today?

Medina will challenge elected officials to address the challenges of “S.A. Today” - generational poverty, neighborhood violence, traffic nightmares and neglected infrastructure.  No one expects us to solve these problems overnight, but they do want a Mayor who cares enough to start making progress today.

San Antonio Values

As your Mayor, Medina will stand up for San Antonio values.  He will challenge Austin bureaucrats and Washington political agendas.  He will fight for local control of our City and our neighborhoods.

Medina will fight for San Antonio ordinances that protect our natural resources and the Edwards aquifer.  He will fight for our community policing policies that prohibit racial profiling, stop-and-frisk policies, and show-me-your-papers policing.  He will fight for women’s rights, equal rights and our fight for a living wage.